Are You Standing at a Threshold?

Modern life is fraught with thresholds -marriage, divorce, conception, career changes, job loss, death of a loved one, psychological and spiritual crises. Yet we have lost our Rites of Passage, those ancient ceremonies designed to help us across these thresholds into the next phase of life. Cultures across time and from around the globe have used Rites of Passage ceremonies to facilitate the transformation of consciousness necessary for each of up to step into the next phase of our lives with a personal vision, a sense of community responsibility and a deep connection to Earth and Spirit.

In our modern culture these Rites have been replaced with pseudo-initiations that do not provide the necessary personal transformation and can do more harm to the initiate. This often leaves us feeling unclear about our path, without a clear vision of our own personal medicine we carry. It leaves us disconnected from our communities, not sure of our role, of how we fit into the greater whole and how we can bring ourselves in a way that will benefit us all. The lack of Rites of Passage along with a lifestyle increasingly based on technology has removed our attention from our connection with Earth and Spirit leaving us wandering, looking for how we connect, where we belong.

What’s Holding You Back from Crossing the Threshold?


Fear, self-doubt, disconnection from community and Spirit? Thresholds, by their nature, are scary. Some piece of us has to die, some parts need to be let go in order for us to evolve into the next version of ourselves. Humans are social creatures, as much as we try to convince ourselves of our independence we are intimately tied to other people, animals and plants and the planet that gives us life. We cannot cross major life thresholds alone, we need the support of our Community to whom we will return, our Elders who have been there before, our Ancestors who have enabled us to be here and of Spirit to guide us.

Rites of Passage ceremonies are designed to help us through the challenging times of life and allow us emerge on the other side with a new vision of ourselves, our place in our community and our connection to Earth and Spirit.

What is a Vision Quest Ceremony?

The Vision Quest ceremony has been used in various forms for thousands of years by peoples from all over the planet. The modern version of the Vision Quest or Wilderness Fast typically involves four days and four nights fasting (no food), alone, in the wilderness. Through an eco-spiritual process we will assist you in releasing repressed emotions and old belief patterns that no longer serve you. This will enable you to identify, with clear intention, the passage of your life that you are ready to mark as you enter the threshold phase of your initiation. It is here that we will guide you in embracing new ways of living, loving and learning.

It is designed to help you:

  1. Overcome your fears of whatever is next in your life

  2. Gain clarity on your next steps

  3. Deepen your connection to the natural world and to Spirit

  4. Let go of habits, compulsions and obsessions that are holding you back

  5. Release stagnant grief

  6. Find your joy and

  7. The wide ranging health benefits of fasting for more than 72 hours

 This four day “threshold phase” of the rite of passage is surrounded by deep connection and community in nature with a Council of Elders who have already crossed their own thresholds and are committed to holding you as you cross yours.

The Vision Quest is an ancient pan-cultural initiation rite of passage that encourages and supports the awakening of your own indigenous wisdom, personal vision, and purpose for being on this earth.
To ‘walk naked’ into the womb of Mother Earth and pray for vision has been the way of all our ancestors as they sought to uncover the mysteries of their own sacred gifts and return to their people with vision and purpose.
— Kedar S. Brown

Why do a Vision Quest with Rites of Passage Council?

We have been guiding people across their personal thresholds for 25 years. Our team of facilitators and ceremonial midwives have all trained under the guidance of Kedar S. Brown M.Ed. Our team have varied backgrounds in psychotherapy, wilderness rites of passage, somatic therapy, professional counseling, Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy, depth psychology, marriage and family therapy, ecotherapy, shamanism and sound healing.

Rites of Passage Council is the premier organization of the East Coast USA and the UK offering wilderness rites of passage and group ritual work.

Your four day and four night solo is part of an eleven day sacred encampment during which you will be supported bu highly skilled guides through the various phases of a rite of passage, including:

  1. Identifying and letting go of things necessary before you go out on the “sacred mountain”. This work starts when you make the decision to quest and continues in-depth during the first few days of the encampment

  2. Providing safety and energetic support while you are out on your solo. Our experienced team usher you through the threshold ceremony the first morning of your solo and then hold space for you for the next four days and nights. One of us will always be at the sacred fire during your solo incase you need to check in either physically or energetically. We will be there praying for you until your safe return.

  3. Once you cross back over the sacred threshold from your solo time back to the village you will be enfolded into the Council of Elders. They will help you find the story of your experience and disocver your own personal mythology that will carry you into your new life.

Our guides are all highly trained through the 18-month Rites of Passage Guide training and are certified Wilderness Emergency Responders.

My experience was deeply meaningful. It was an other worldly breath that breathed new life into me.
It made so many whispers in my own soul come clear. It was a cleansing baptism in the waters of my own consciousness and in the waters alive with Spirit.
— Musician age 54

What’s Included?

Bring your camping gear and get yourself to the meeting spot - everything else is provided, including:

  • Three meals a day (except when you are fasting!)

  • Four day, four night vision quest ceremony

  • A beautiful private property to camp, roam and swim (depending on the location you choose)

  • The full attention of our dedicated, highly-trained staff. We usually have 4 staff and 8 questers.

  • Sweat lodge ceremony to help prepare you for your journey

  • Drumming movement and poetry

  • Instruction in the Four Seasonal Shields of Initiation

  • Personal myth making and storytelling

  • Self and group generated ceremony

  • Ritual process, body centered, group psychotherapy

We will provide you with a full gear list and many more details on the activities of the eleven day encampment.

...a life changing opportunity to remember what in my life is sacred and
the insights about what to do with that experience. I plan to offer the
experience to my children as they come of age. I loved it.
— Carpenter, Age 40


Your safety is our first priority. We have been safely guiding people through wilderness rites of passage for over 25 years in the US and the UK. We are familiar with many types of ecosystems, mountains, forests, desserts and shores. All our guides are certified Wilderness Emergency Responders and have spent hundreds of hours in the terrain in which you will be questing. We are skilled in making sure that the level of challenge you experience is appropriate for you.

The vision quest was the single most wonderful, most terrifying, most eye
opening experience I’ve ever had in my life.
I really started learning who I
am and what my path looks like.
— Librarian age 33

When and Where can I Participate in a Vision Quest?


May 14-24, 2019, near Brynberian, Wales, UK 

July 2-12, 2019, near Asheville, NC

October, 1-11 2019, near Asheville, NC



What’s the Cost?

UK Prices

Early Registration:
 $2,000 if paid in full by March 15. (Save $250 with early payment) 
Late registration: $2,250 if payment is made after March 15. Full payment is due not later then April 1. 
Deposit: $500 non refundable deposit will hold your spot for this program. 

US Prices

Early Registration: $2,100 if paid in full eight weeks before the start of the program (save $300 with early payment). 
Late registration: $2,400 if payment is between six and eight weeks before the start of the program. All payments must be received by six weeks prior to the start date.
Deposit: $500 non refundable deposit will hold your spot for this program. 


Have more questions about the Vision Question ceremony?

I’ve been in therapy for 2 years – and this was the most profound work I
have done to date.
My life is forever changed.
— Vison Quest Participant, age 40
Rather than the need to heroically save the whole world,
the real work of humanity at this time may be to awaken the unique spark and inner resiliency of genius within each person.
— Michael Meade