Our Staff

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Kedar S. Brown M.Ed.

Kedar is an internationally known ceremonialist, healer, intuitive and teacher of psychological and spiritual awareness with over thirty-two years of professional experience. Over this time he has developed an effective and unique approach to emotional and spiritual healing by braiding together his depth of clinical knowledge of experiential psychotherapies with more nature based, indigenous wisdom teachings and healing methods from around the world. Kedar is the founder and director of Rites of Passage Council, an organization offering nature based treatment and professional training programs. Kedar is a member of an International Wilderness Guides Council and known for his ability to blend many creative and expressive forms of depth psychology and psychotherapy with more ancient methods of healing through vision quest ceremonies, sweat lodge ceremonies, rites of passage experiences and personalized ceremonies and rituals in his work with individuals, couples, groups and communities.


Lynn Bowers

Lynn began her intentional spiritual path in 1986. She has experienced and supported many people in various methods of healing that include: vision quest ceremonies, elemental rituals, women’s circles, solstice and equinox gatherings and as an apprentice to astrology. She has been a part of the Rites of Passage Council Community since 2001 and has been a vision quest guide with Rites of Passage Council since 2012. Lynn has dedicated many years of investigation into the intrinsic nature of loving relationships bringing fresh insight and clarity into the ways we love.She has also immersed herself in trainings dedicated to women’s empowerment work and the transformation of core beliefs and patterns. Lynn has been deeply at home in nature since childhood and brings a keen intuitive intelligence, empathic awareness, and tremendous heart-full loving presence to those she guides.

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Daniel Barber

Daniel is a business owner, musician, and personal creativity coach. In his current work with I Am Sound, LLC, he helps people engage themselves through creative musical expression to enhance and deepen self-awareness and spiritual connection.

In a previous 15-year career in video production, he produced videos almost exclusively for nonprofits.  Among his projects, he produced training videos on nonprofit management and board structure, policies and procedures and has served on several nonprofit boards.

He has been involved in the work of the Rites of Passage Council since 2002 as a participant and staff. 


Kat Houghton PhD

Kat is a psychologist committed to cultural change through facilitating personal transformation. Kat worked for 15 years with families of children with autism dedicated to changing within-family cultures from those of despair, or the drive to “fix” autism, to that of a deep appreciation of different world views and a focus on building bridges with empathy to communication. Kat’s doctoral work offered an alternative framework for autism intervention research grounded in dynamic systems theory and produced a group training program for parents of children with autism in underserved communities. The training program is currently in use in Argentina and Poland.

Since 2009, Kat has been running the software company, ilumivu.com, providing wearable, mobile and web systems to psychologists and behavioral health researchers. These systems are part of the technological disruption of psychology that is allowing, for the first time, the systematic study of people in their natural environments (rather than the lab), acknowledging the interconnectedness of humans with the rest of the world and the complexity of factors influencing individual behavior. Her current work more closely integrates transformation on the individual, inter-personal and cultural level. Kat was instrumental in founding the Asheville Community Rights Movement which is moving towards local legislation to assert rights for self-governance and the rights of nature; a crucial step in dismantling corporate rule. Kat spent time at the Standing Rock and Sabal Trail Water Protection camps.


Sarina Harz

Sarina Harz spends her days conjuring and curating ritual prescriptions, cultivating her local witchy community, and doing her best to be a supportive descendent and ancestor to her lineage. You can find her frolicking with elemental allies, the fae, mermaids, dragons, and gnomes. Sarina has her MSW and works as a clinical therapist where her clients experience ritual and psychotherapy from a witch in muggle disguise.

Sarina owns her own business where she facilitates firewalks, teaches workshops and classes on a myriad of topics, and can be hired as a kitchen witch for retreats and spiritual gatherings. In addition to that, she is the Community Magic Maker for the growing communities of author and Toltec teacher, HeatherAsh Amara. For her, Sarina manages programs, develops the community, and overall makes the magic happen behind the scenes. Finally, she moonlights as a professor for a local university where she teaches Intro to Social Work.