"I have known Kedar for a long time as a man of spirit with remarkable
devotion to healing. He tends to this duty with royalty and ferocious
commitment. As a man who hears the call of Earth and Nature, Kedar
extends his hand to those in quest of change and transformation, and is
always willing to lead them into and guide them through, a deep sense of
communion with themselves. Having worked with him in a number of
rituals and ceremonies, and watched carefully the way he gives of himself
to spirit, I have come to respect his priestly devotion to the sacred in
Nature and in every human. His work deserves respect and reverence
— ~Malidoma P. Some` PhD., World renown author, teacher, initiated elder & West African Shaman
If you’re trying to figure out who you are or why you’re here, take the plunge into the wilderness of your own soul in the sacred ceremony of Vision Quest with Kedar S. Brown. You know if you’re being called. Simply listen and act. You can contact me or Kedar for more information 💜 Much love sweet people.
— Meg H

I cannot say enough about the life-altering, life-enhancing, energizing, healing and restorative effects of a vision quest ceremony well entered. If you want to know more, and might feel the call in your heart join Kedar S. Brown on this call to learn more about what he is offering. Kedar is an inspired and very experienced guide.
— Ged C.

“I have had over 2 thousand hours of training and have not experienced
any event which could produce the results of a Vision Quest in such a short
period of time.”
— --Tri County Addictions Director

I’ve been in therapy for 2 years – and this was the most profound work I
have done to date. My life is forever changed.
— 40 year old female.

“In a short 2 ½ days, I was able to experience an eye opening weekend. I
went in with an open mind and came back with a better understanding of
where I came from. I was able to leave with a feeling of a connection with
a higher power that I can call my own. I feel as though someone is looking
over me trying to guide me on the right path now.
— 27 year old male

It is my belief that with any life experience – learning and growing
emotionally and spiritually is the key to being a centered and healthy
person. I feel this program would benefit most people that are interested
in the understanding of human beings and to help overcome their fears.
— 53 year old female

My experience was deeply meaningful. It was an other worldly breath
that breathed new life into me. It made so many whispers in my own soul
come clear. It was a cleansing baptism in the waters of my own
consciousness and in the waters alive with Spirit.
— Musician, 52